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LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture

The LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture is the main cultural actor at the national level for the creation and dissemination of knowledge on the origins, current conditions and value of architecture and urban planning as expressions of human civilization and critical factors for a sustainable quality of life.

Since its creation in 1992 under the name “Foundation for Architecture and Engineering”, the non-profit, non-governmental organization has been promoting the quality of the built environment as an essential value of contemporary society. As a platform for exchange and action for a broad public, from the curious amateur or committed citizen to the political decision-maker or professional actor, LUCA organises a wide cultural programme that responds to the diversity of its audiences: cycles of lectures and debates, exhibitions, guided tours, educational workshops, the Luxembourg Architecture Prize, the Pavilion of the Venice Biennale of Architecture, etc. Its publications, its archives and its architecture library, with nearly 8,000 old and recent works, offer the public complementary research and documentation tools.

The LUCA and its professional team work together with numerous experts and partners, both national and international, confirming its place at the heart of current events looking to the future while reflecting the past and debating the present of our built environment.

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