#For Kids



By LUCA team 

How do we move around in our cities? Let’s create a city in a pizza box and make marbles run all around its streets! 

Did you know that architects do not only design buildings? Together with urbanists and engineers, they plan how we move all around the city. They design streets, boulevards, squares, highways, bridges and railways. All these are spaces we use every day to move from one place to an other – by foot, bicycle, scooter, car, bus, tram or train.  

Planning the mobility of people in a city can be challenging. Thanks to our designers, we can discover and go through our city safely…and enjoy beautiful urban spaces and paths. So let’s prepare a colourful city model to test how mobility works! 

You only need some modelling dough and self-coloured pasta to build a city in a box, where to set free your marbles…and pay attention to smash-ups 😉 

Be proud of your great job, take some photos and send them – with your first name – by email to Giulia (g.zatti[a]luca.lu). We will publish them here. 

Download hereafter the PDF instructions for this activity. They are available in English and in French

This activity has been developed by LUCA team.