#For Kids



by Lili & Charlotte

Why should we draw only with pencils? Let’s take different kind of pasta shapes and use them to design or reproduce architectures and landscapes!  

The mandala comes from Asia. It’s a geometric drawing made, for example, with coloured sand. It’s used to represent the universe or even the paradise! When the drawing it’s finished, the sand is brushed together and spilled into the water … so, let’s try to do an architecture Mandala with pasta! 

Look around yourself and reproduce your surrounding universe or your own city-paradise. And if you want to enjoy springtime, let’s go outside and create your mandala on the grass. 

The mandala it’s temporary, but … good news! You can do it again and again, and create a new one each time 😉 

Be proud of your great job, take some photos and send them – with your first name – by email to Giulia (g.zatti[a]luca.lu). We’ll publish them here! 

Download hereafter the PDF instructions for this activity. They are available in English and in French

This activity has been developed by Lili and her daughter Charlotte for LUCA. Lili Krack is a LUCA team member coming from an art & design background. In her free time, she loves to draw and paint.