#For Kids



by Eliki Diamantouli

Here it comes…the Toilet Paper Roll Challenge! After 3 weeks of collecting and crafting, your cardboard rolls collection is completed. Congratulations 😊

Thanks to the Japanese architect SHIGERU BAN, we discovered how cardboard can be used in architecture buildings and design objects. Are you ready to do the same? 

Testing unexplored materials is an exciting phase in the architecture process! So, take your 20 ROLLS and do your best to build the highest possible tower. You can even join them to create more complex structures and shapes. How far can you push this material in your creations?

Did you start your collection just now? No problem! Download hereafter the PDF instructions for this activity, you’ll find inside some tips on how to build up your collection. They are available in English and in French. 

Be proud of your great job, take some photos and send them – with your first name – by email to Giulia (g.zatti[a]luca.lu). We’ll publish them here! 

This activity has been developed by Eliki Diamantouli for LUCA. She works as an architect interested in participation and architecture education.