#For Kids



by LUCA team

Would you love to always have your friends and family close to you? Maybe your home is not big enough to host all of them at the same time…And what about your room? It’s even smaller!

Don’t limit your dreams. Imagine a place big enough to share it with your friends and family and create a model of it with cardboard and paper. Ask your beloved ones to send you a photo of themselves – showing them inside a room at home, at school, at work or even outside. Collect as many photos as you can. You will use them to fill the rooms of the new home you design for your friends and family.

It could be your home, a skyscraper, a castle, a treehouse, a farm, your favourite place in town or whatever you feel like! 😊

Be proud of your great job, take some photos and send them – with your first name – by email to Giulia (g.zatti[a]luca.lu). We’ll publish them here! 

Download hereafter the PDF instructions for this activity. They are available in English and in French.

This activity has been developed by LUCA team.