#For Kids



by LUCA team

Do like an architect, draw and build your own room, flat, house or – why not – the house of your dreams! You can start your project from one room only, then you can create more and more of them. You can build an entire house … or even an entire city!

Begin by what you see around yourself in each room of your house or flat: the windows, the table, the bed, the shower, the kitchen, your books, your toys …

And don’t forget to Look outside! What else is outside the window? Houses, shops, restaurants, parks, fields, streets …

Be proud of your great job, take some photos and send them – with your first name – by email to Giulia (g.zatti[a]luca.lu)

The first collection of the projects will be published on this page next week. If you need more time to finish your project, don’t worry. You can send it to us later, we’ll publish it as soon as possible in the collection 😊

Download hereafter the PDF instructions for this activity. They are available in English and in French.

This activity has been developed by LUCA team.