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N 49° 36.688 E 006° 07.314 

The name of this building comes from a villa built on the former city fortifications. But what was today’s building used for? From 1936 to 1991 it was the headquarters of Radio Luxembourg, what was to become RTL. From here, all of Luxembourg’s radio and television programmes were broadcast.

Take a close look at the current building. For the most part, it dates back to the 1950s, the time when Radio Luxembourg entered a new era of broadcasting: television! Renovated to the plans of architects Pierre Schaack, Nicolas-Schmit Noesen, Georges Reuter and Hubert Schumacher, the “new” Villa Louvigny was inaugurated in 1953. The building basically has two parts: the tower and the low building with a 300-seat auditorium. The main entrance still sports the winged lion with the motto “Alas Leoni dedit” (“It gave wings to the lion”).

Now a listed heritage site, the building is due to be restored in the near future!

Watch this video to find out more about its history! Click here.

How many wheels do you see on this sign?

B = _ (odd number)

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Super Initiative, bonne balade avec les enfants, le suspense est parfait et très bien orchestré, pour aller jusqu’au bout.
A refaire absolument à Clausen, moins éloigné pour l’aboutissement. Bon outil pour faire connaître et visiter non nouveaux lieux dès l’été / automne prochain 😉

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