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Click on the coordinates to reach the exact location for this challenge!
N 49° 36.939 E 006° 07.773 

From here, you can see several important structures. To your left, you will see the Red Bridge and the funicular. Officially known as the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, the Red Bridge was designed by Egon Jux. It was built between 1962 and 1965 to provide access to Kirchberg where what had once been fields, had now become building land. From 2015 to 2017, the bridge was refurbished to accommodate the new tramline, integrating a new lighting system and new railings. The new look of the Red Bridge was designed by the engineering firm Ney & Partners.

Behind the Red Bridge, you can see the funicular built in 2017, the work of architectural practice Beiler François Fritsch. The next time you take the funicular, take a look at the tracks. At the place where the cars meet, the track splits into two to allow the cars to pass each other.

To your right, take a look at the Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator, built in 2016 to the plans of STEINMETZDEMEYER Architectes Urbanistes. Now access the elevator for the fantastic view. One of the city’s top landmarks, this spectacular contemporary structure overlooks Pfaffenthal, a district steeped in history.

How many legs does the Red Bridge have? (R is greater than 2!)

R = _ (even number)

Take the elevator down to the next stop!

Now go to the next stop!

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Super Initiative, bonne balade avec les enfants, le suspense est parfait et très bien orchestré, pour aller jusqu’au bout.
A refaire absolument à Clausen, moins éloigné pour l’aboutissement. Bon outil pour faire connaître et visiter non nouveaux lieux dès l’été / automne prochain 😉

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