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N 49° 36.743 E 006° 08.529 

The Rives de Clausen became an urban hotspot with bars and restaurants after being redeveloped to the design of architects Assar Marc Ewen and Fabeck Architectes in 2007. Any idea what the large brick chimney was used for? To find out, take a look at the surrounding buildings.

Above the entrance gate, you can see the word “Mousel”. This used to be a brewery. Beer was brewed here for hundreds of years until operations ceased in 1985. The nearby river and water were a great help. The chimney was used to expel the fumes from vapours given off when heating the mash tuns.

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Super Initiative, bonne balade avec les enfants, le suspense est parfait et très bien orchestré, pour aller jusqu’au bout.
A refaire absolument à Clausen, moins éloigné pour l’aboutissement. Bon outil pour faire connaître et visiter non nouveaux lieux dès l’été / automne prochain 😉

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