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Click on the coordinates to reach the exact location for this challenge!
N 49° 36.321 E 006° 07.751 

Now go into the Rousegaertchen, the public garden in front of the building. Observe the facade’s many sculptures and come up with a story based on the symbols, statues and decorations. Perhaps you are wondering about the green tint of the roof? When used as a building material, copper turns green over time. In 2016 the building was renovated to the design of the architectural practice Jim Clemes Associates and is currently used by a bank.

Over the entrance, you can see the word “ARBED”. This used to be the headquarters of a steelmaking company responsible for a lot of Luxembourg’s wealth in the early 20th century. Now known as ArcelorMittal, the company still exists. One example of its products are the rails for the new tramline.

Watch this video to find out more about ARBED history! Click here.

What can you see here at this position? (Choose the correct answer)

  • If you see a modernist sculpture, U = 5
  • If you see a pine tree, U = 6
  • If you see a McDonald’s, U = 9

U = _ (odd number)

Now find the final location… and the cache!

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Super Initiative, bonne balade avec les enfants, le suspense est parfait et très bien orchestré, pour aller jusqu’au bout.
A refaire absolument à Clausen, moins éloigné pour l’aboutissement. Bon outil pour faire connaître et visiter non nouveaux lieux dès l’été / automne prochain 😉

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