LUCA – Urban Discovery Tour

An initiative of LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture, launched as part of the “Journées européennes du patrimoine 2020”.


Have fun discovering Luxembourg City’s many 20th- and 21st-century architectural highlights. While the city is well-known for its historical heritage, its new buildings are also worth a detour.

Take a walk through the city with family or friends, navigating your route with your phone or GPS. We have selected a few not-to-be-missed points of interests for you. At each stop, answer the question by looking up and around. Write down your answers on a piece of paper. They are essential for finding and opening the cache and getting a reward that was specially designed and produced for this challenge! To enjoy this experience, you need to use your smartphone to reach the exact location of each stop.

If you like, download the pdf version here. Save it on your smartphone to easily access the GPS coordinates links needed to reach the different stops on the route and collect clues!

Your checklist:

  • smartphone
  • paper
  • pencil
  • lots of curiosity 😉

Let’s go! Enjoy your personal adventure trail!



© Lukas Roth, Köln


Click on the coordinates to reach the exact location for this challenge!
N 49° 36.548 E 006° 07.581

Take a look at this cycle lane suspended by cables under the Adolphe Bridge. Designed by CBA Christian Bauer & Associés Architectes, the cycle lane was inaugurated in 2017. To accommodate the new tramline, the Adolphe Bridge needed to be widened, leaving no more room for pedestrians and cyclists. The decision was therefore taken to build this cycle lane, which seems to float in the air and gives users a magnificent view over the Pétrusse valley. In 2019, it won the Luxembourg Architecture Award in the category Civil Engineering Structures. Did you know that this cycle lane is suspended by 328 cables?

Designed by civil engineer Paul Séjourné, the Adolphe Bridge was constructed between 1900 and 1903 to link the train station with the upper city. Replacing an older one, the new stone bridge carried the train (called Charly) between Luxembourg and Echternach. Find out more about the Adolphe Bridge suspended cycle lane on

Go down the suspended cycle lane. How many exits do you see on this side? (A is greater than 1!)

A = _ (even number)

Now go to the next stop!

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Super Initiative, bonne balade avec les enfants, le suspense est parfait et très bien orchestré, pour aller jusqu’au bout.
A refaire absolument à Clausen, moins éloigné pour l’aboutissement. Bon outil pour faire connaître et visiter non nouveaux lieux dès l’été / automne prochain 😉

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