In French (subtitles available)   

This conference took place in Luxembourg on 22 October 2015, and it was organized by LUCA.    

During this lecture, Nathalie Jacoby – founding partner of NJOY architectes d’intérieur – presents a selection of projects, amongst others the interior design for the Fonds Kirchberg office, the scenography of the exhibition “The Family of Man” in Clervaux and the interior design of the Fondamental School Ben Heyard in Strassen. The lecture focused on three categories: microarchitecture, graft and integration. A microarchitecture usually is included in strong architecture, where one can enhance the other and vice versa. A graft is a foreign body that binds with its host to create a whole. Finally, an integration is declined, multiplied, without ever being the same, like in a Russian dolls effect. 

Nathalie Jacoby founded her office in Luxembourg with Jill Streitz and a small group of freelancers in 2003, after studying interior design in Switzerland, art history in Paris and a stint with Jean-Michel Wilmotte and at the Louvre in Paris. Between architecture, design and scenography, the NJOY collective intervenes on existing frames or spaces in the process of being created which transforms in-depth or gently, but never only on the surface. Capturing the “genius loci” and drawing what will become the essence of space by combining materials, proportions, technique, light, functions and know-how to form a coherent whole, and finally following the execution of this tailor-made approach down to the smallest detail is what characterizes them.