In English (subtitles available)

This conference took place on April 23rd, 2019 and was organized by LUCA – in collaboration with the Master in Architecture of the University of Luxembourg – as part of the “This Will Feed That” cycle.

In his lecture, Léon Krier explains his vision of good architecture and urbanism using Luxembourg City as an example. What makes a city real? The goal is to have a significant architecture to attract people, which is important to live in a good atmosphere. In fact, architecture unified modern society. About urbanism, his proposal focuses on the relevance of polycentric cities with several connections. Then, it’s important that each city has all the functions needed by the population. He also defines the traditional city as a horizontally spread shape with vertical emergences. Vertical buildings are very important for people, and their design needs to combine traditional and classical architecture. It’s time to watch and enjoy this lecture!

Léon Krier is a Luxembourgish architect, architectural theorist and urban planner, specialised in modern traditional urbanism and architecture. He combines an international architecture & planning practice with writing and teaching.