In English (subtitles available)

This conference took place on May 14th, 2019 and was organized by LUCA – in collaboration with the Master in Architecture of the University of Luxembourg – as part of the “This Will Feed That” cycle.

During this lecture, Gilles Delalex presents one of MUOTO’s projects located in the campus complex in Saclay, France. This campus is considered as one of the main learning centers in France. Inside, each institution has its own building and facilities. So, the idea behind the Public Condenser was to create a shared public facility to host a mix of indoor and outdoor activities and to encourage the encounter of various populations living close to one another but rarely meeting. This building gave birth to new connections between institutions, becoming a meeting point even if it’s the smallest building on the campus.

With the Public Condenser, MUOTO created a landmark which – thanks to his vertical shape – stands out throughout the campus. Inside it is designed as a shelf containing all the different facilities needed by its public function. Additionally this project offers a mix of urban spaces that connect the main functions inside itself, thus making this building able to function independently and equipped with all the facilities required for its daily life. It’s time to take a detailed look at the Public Condenser by watching the entire lecture!

Founded in 2003, in France, MUOTO Studio d’Architecture was rewarded by several prizes such as Holcim Awards, Equerre d’Argent, Bauwelt. MUOTO’s work often features minimal structures made of rough materials, as a means to combine different activities and merge economical as well as aesthetic issues. Vertical diversity as an articulation between building and city scales is a recurrent figure in MUOTO’s projects.