In German, alternated with French (subtitles available)

This conference took place in Luxembourg on 13 December 2018, and it was organized by LUCA.

During their lecture, Friederike Huth and Christian Weier, founding partners of AREAL Landscape Architecture, exposed a series of projects according to three themes: “Platz da!”, “Tout le monde dehors !” and “Un peu de verdure”.

The first theme – “Platz da!” – focuses on the intention to create outdoor spaces that make people want to go outside and use them. These new spaces have to dialogue both with the existing environment and architectures that surround it. They achieve these goals thanks to a tested design process that includes several steps and scales.

“Tout le monde dehors !” deals with the use and appropriation of the space. The idea is to propose a sequence of landscapes where users are invited to meet each other. These meeting points participate in a new activation of the area.

Finally, the theme “Un peu de verdure” provides an understanding of the relevance of greenery in the project of outdoor public spaces, and how it contributes to the quality of the space. It’s not only about health or well-being, but also about the need and pleasure we get, using and activating all the five senses.

Founded in 2006 in Luxembourg, AREAL Landscapes Architecture is today composed of 5 architects and landscape architects. Influenced by the work of the American landscape architect Martha Schwartz, AREAL advocates a sustainable approach to its projects. For each project, AREAL works on the interaction between new and existing spaces, while combining natural and built landscapes.