In French (subtitles available)

This conference took place in Luxembourg on 9 March 2017, and it was organized by LUCA.

During her lecture, Beatriz Ramo – director and founder of STAR strategies + architecture – shared her vision of the housing situation and its paradoxes. While we are witnessing the greatest diversification of households known to date, housing typologies are becoming more ordinary and “standardised” than ever.

Housing and households have evolved according to totally different logics. While households have undergone profound changes – such as de-cohabitation, single parenthood, family restructuring difficulties in accessing the labour market, the development of the shared accommodation model and the ageing of the population – housing has pursued other dynamics (mainly economic and regulatory). The current housing situation is thus more often a vivid reflection of regulations than of the lifestyles of its inhabitants.

The approach of STAR strategies + architecture moves away from the normative and formalistic vision, which characterizes the current production of new housing. Instead the agency sets out to draw inspiration from the great wealth of diversity that lies in the composition of the households, in their specificities and in their needs. This agency first considers the inhabitants and their lifestyles to then develop new housing that is adapted to the conditions and their evolution of its users. Beatriz Ramo believes that housing must be adapted to its inhabitants and not the other way around.

Beatriz Ramo is a Spanish architect and urban planner. During 2003 and 2004 she worked at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture – OMA – in Rotterdam. In 2006 she founded STAR strategies + architecture in Rotterdam. STAR is a practice interested in all topics directly or indirectly related to architecture, working on projects and doing research in the fields of architecture, urbanism, and landscape design. Several prizes in International Competitions for architecture and urban planning have gained STAR international recognition.