In English (subtitles available)

This conference took place in Luxembourg on 6 October 2016, and it was organized by LUCA.

During his lecture, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen – founding partner of Snøhetta – presents the philosophy of his agency, in which exists a deep connection between its employees (coming from different backgrounds) and its surroundings, the Nordic countries. During this lecture, he goes through a selection of Snøhetta’s emblematic projects, such as the Ground Zero Memorial, the Oslo Opera House, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and others.

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen explains the impact of Snøhettas working method practices and how a simultaneous exploration of traditional handicraft and cutting-edge digital technology, additionally to a complementary relationship, drives their creative process. The process of each project is linked to 5 themes: Design Methodology, Studio Space, Collaboration, Sustainability, Transpositioning.

Design Methodology focuses on how they combine a wide spectrum of tools and theories with a good portion of generosity. Studio Space is about the importance of their office working spaces and how they contribute to facilitating the collaborative working process. They also encourage Collaborations, such as new ideas coming from their employees to push their thinking and keep on reinventing their work, driven by partners in the process. At the heart of all their work, there is a commitment to shaping the built environment both dedicated to humankind, the longevity of the planet, and to promote the Sustainability. Finally, Transpositioning is about a self-defined trans-disciplinary process in which have different kinds of professionals is essential. From architects to visual artists, from philosophers to sociologists, and sometimes they also have to exchange their roles in order to explore differing perspectives without the prejudice of convention.

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen is a Norwegian architect. In 1987, he co-founded Snøhetta. Snøhetta began as a collaborative architectural and landscape workshop and has remained true to its trans-disciplinary way of thinking since its inception. Today, Snøhetta has grown to become an internationally renowned practise of architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, product- and graphic design, with more than 240 employees from 32 different nations.