By LUCA team

This week, LUCA invites you to browse the Architecture online resources made available by the Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg, BnL.

Profit from the simplified access to the BnL’s rich collection during this exceptional closure of the library (for the registration procedure, see below).  The BnL has a great diversity of e-books and journals available from home at any time. You’ll even find online resources about one of LUCA’s most popular activities. For those of you who either want to get started with Urban Sketching, develop new techniques or simply get inspired, here are two e-books not to miss:

• The Urban Sketching Handbook: Architecture and Cityscape”.CAMPANARIO Gabriel Tips and Techniques for Drawing on Location, Quarto Publishing Group USA, 2014, 112 pages

• “Drawing Architecture and the Urban”, JACOBY Sam, John Wiley & Sons Inc., USA, 2016, 417 pages

Online registration at the BnL (extract from BnL website):
During the exceptional closure of the BnL registration requests can be made via e-mail.
Who can register? Any person aged at least 14 years and residing in Luxembourg or in the neighbouring regions.
How do I register? Fill in the application form and send it back by e-mail: inscription@bnl.etat.lu
When filling in the registration form, make sure you provide a correct e-mail address as your reader’s ID and a link to reset your password will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the form.