By Marianne Brausch

Our LUCA Advisory Board member and friend Marianne Brausch shared with us four interesting tips.
Discover them by reading her anaphora text here below!

Because Glenn Murcutt knew and showed very early that architecture = symbiosis between environment and natural elements.

  • MPavilion Book, Thames & Hudson, Australia, 2020, 260 pages, English, ISBN 978-1760760564

Encounters with Architecture and Design marks the completion of six remarkable years and is a celebration of what MPavilion has collectively achieved, as well as reflecting a broader conversation about innovative public spaces, and the role of design in creating better cities and communities. 

Because the city of the future will be more than ever dense and mixed + woven of green spaces. a+t is examining this at best.

  • 50 HYBRID BUILDINGS, a+t research group (FERNÁNDEZ PER Aurora & MOZAS Javier), 2020, 360 pages, English/Español, ISBN 978-84-09-18822-2

In this “Catalogue on the Art of Mixing Uses”, a+t research group rescues 50 HYBRID BUILDINGS. Urban artefacts which are characterized by the mix of uses, designed from the end of the 19th century to the present, they share a hazardous life, full of obstacles and setbacks.

Because reading Dezeen is knowing that architecture-design-objects and wardrobe = one.

Because the app izi travel developed by uni.lu allows you to walk the smartphone by hand through the History of Luxembourg.

Marianne Brausch – is an architect graduated from the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels and the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris. She has worked for the Fonds Kirchberg and regularly writes for the press on cultural and architectural topics. She is a member of the LUCA Advisory Board since 2015.