By Florian Hertweck

In German (subtitles available)

Discover the book “Gesellschaft der Singularitäten” by Andreas Reckwitz, recommended by our LUCA friend Florian Hertweck.

Content of the book – The special harvests applause, the unique is awarded, the general and standardized is rather unattractive. The average person with his average life is suspected of conformity. The new measure of things are the authentic subjects with original interests and curated biographies, but also the unique, distinctive goods and events, communities and cities. Late modern societies celebrate the singular.

In his award-winning sociological bestseller, Andreas Reckwitz examines the process of singularization as it unfolds at the beginning of the 21st century in economics, the world of work, digital technology, lifestyles and politics. By claiming to be a theory of modernity, he shows how closely this process is interwoven with the culturalization of the social, what contradictory dynamics it exhibits and what its flip side is.

For the society of singularities does not only know radiant winners. It also produces its very own inequalities, paradoxes and losers. One of the most discussed books in recent years.

Dr. Florian Hertweck – is an architect and Professor at the University of Luxembourg, where he chairs the master programme “Architecture, European Urbanisation, Globalisation” (www.masterarchitecture.lu). His work as a practitioner, researcher and teacher is concerned with the socioecological condition of architecture and urbanism.

“Gesellschaft der Singularitäten – Zum Strukturwandel der Moderne”, RECKWITZ Andreas, Suhrkamp Verlag AG, Berlin, 2017, 480 pages, 20€
ISBN 978-3-518-58742-3